Photo session for pregnant women in nature

   A photo session for pregnant women in nature will allow you to keep touching memories of the waiting period for your baby for a long time. When contacting us, you can choose any location in Crete for such a shooting. Whatever you choose, we promise you stylish and unforgettable photos. 

 What is a photo shoot for pregnant women in nature 

   Today, shooting pregnant women in nature is a very popular service; many professional photographers around the world, including in our country, are engaged in this type of photo session. A photo session of pregnant women in nature in summer or at other times of the year allows you to create bright and colorful pictures, magical, fabulous and cozy. Photos taken on the street are more “alive” and interesting.


Before a photo session of pregnant women in nature in the spring or at other times of the year, decide in advance on the location of the event. On the eve of a photo shoot for pregnant women in nature, it is recommended not to eat a lot of salt and drink less water so that you do not have swelling during the shooting. We also advise you to get enough sleep and do not do makeup yourself — let a professional makeup artist apply it. You should not wear too tight clothes and underwear, as they can leave ugly marks on the body, which will be visible in the photographs. Regardless of the time of year, make sure you have a snack — shooting can take a long time and you can use a lot of energy. 


A photo session for pregnant women outdoors in autumn, spring or summer is not just shooting, but an exciting process that will bring you a lot of positive emotions and real pleasure. Most importantly, do not plan important things for this day — let all your time be devoted to a photo shoot.